Guest Short Submission Guidelines

Hi there fellow writers!

Have something you’d like to contribute? Please, send your shorts for consideration. However, before submitting ANYTHING, you must read and agree to the below terms. Please note, by submitting your work, you are acknowledging you have read and agree to each of the following terms:

  • You guarantee that any work submitted by you is the sole, original, work of your own creation. You can NOT submit the work of any other individual, nor claim another’s work as your own.
  • Want to include an image with your story? Please include the image with your email, but you are personally verifying the image is either your own, or a free image that does not belong to any other individual, corporation, etc., and that the image is not copywritten or trademarked.  
  • At this time, I am only accepting short stories. No full-length/novels will be considered.
  • I personally promise to never use or claim your story as my own nor will I ever submit your work to anybody claiming it as my own. However, I cannot, and do not, make any promises corning the security of your work. This is a public website/blog. Countless readers have access to your work. This means that your work, and MY work, are out there, in the world. While it is every writer’s hope that another will never claim their work, I am NOT responsible for the security of your writing.
  • Not all submissions will be accepted/published on Shorts&Stories. However, if I do choose your work, please rest assured, I will include the name of all authors. You put a lot of time and love into your craft. Of course I will give you the credit!
  • I will make every effort to respond to all inquiries as quickly as possible.
  • All submissions should be sent to Shorts&Stories via email. However, no attachments will be opened. The entire submission (including photo/image) must be imbedded in the body of the email.
  •  Once your piece is published, it will not be taken down or edited.

Ok. Enough with all that. Still interested in submitting? Let’s see what you’ve got! Email me at:

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