Her Master’s Pride

“There. See? Isn’t this fun?”      Fun? Fun?! Fun ended the moment a pillowcase was thrown over my head, and I was thrown into this mess. But before I’d even completed the thought, the monster’s fingers were wrapped in my hair. He yanked so hard, I thought I was going to go flying through theContinue reading “Her Master’s Pride”

Viral Secrets

“Take it. Would you just freaking take it?!”  “Jesus!” I slapped her hand away. “What’s your problem? You forget to take your meds or something?”  “Look; this isn’t funny Jesse. I’m not kidding. They’re after me!”  “Who?”  “God!” Don’t you listen?!” Sam shifted in her seat, crazy eyes darting every which way. She paused onlyContinue reading “Viral Secrets”

Prologue – Celebrating Stars

“Look, look, look!” My finger swept along the ever-expanding canvas of the nighttime sky as I turned to meet his familiar smile. “Did you see it? Did ya?” The brisk air clung to our breath and colored the tips of our noses.         “Hm-hmm.” He agreed though he remained motionless on his side.  “Colton! You weren’tContinue reading “Prologue – Celebrating Stars”

Colors Don’t Lie

No. Come on. This can’t be it, man. Not like this. Not like this. Six, just six minutes ago, I was sittin’ in my car ‘n everything was fine. I was safe, and didn’t have no bullets piercin’ my body. I mean, yeah, ok. I’m man enough to admit I was nervous as hell. TheContinue reading “Colors Don’t Lie”