Looking for a short trip or a long escape? Let fiction carry you away…

Short Lessons

Life is a messy, dangerous and often ugly place. Yet, if we pay attention, there are lessons to be learned along the way that help us become better or stronger in unimaginable ways.

Shorts on the Run

This collection of shorts explores the many facets of fear – from post-apocalyptic, the supernatural and horrifying nightmares, to the most sinister realities mankind can provide.

Long Bouts of Fiction

Some stories take a little longer to tell. Here, you’ll find full-length books/novels for those days when you truly want to get away.

Short & Sweet

Here, you’ll find something to make you smile – from animal tales, love and romance, to uplifting and motivational shorts – there’s something for everyone.

Action & Adventure

Looking for something to really get the heart pumping? This is a collection of shorts jam-packed with adrenaline and risk.

Guest Shorts

Can’t get enough short stories? Have a hankering to see more and discover new writers? Please check out our Guest Contributions here!


Created in May, 2020, Shorts&Stories may initially only feature limited content. However, new content is added regularly so that you can always find a new story to fall in love with. So please, peruse and enjoy. I hope to see you again soon!

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Hi there! So glad you stopped by! My name is Jennifer L. Meacham. I’m just a perpetual writer who finally decided to take the leap and set her words free upon the world. Hope you like what you see!

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